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FamousQuest Update (135-177)

Posted in Uncategorized by jamesdanielfluker on February 20, 2013

I’m never going to get this “regular update” thing down huh? At least the channel is at a regular schedule now after a light holiday schedule!

Well, so much for monthly. Less LPs but we have a new sub-series for reviewing movies that’s bi-weekly. That’s pretty exciting. 🙂 Check out what went up the last 10 weeks and see what’s going up in the next month!


2 new videos added:

Speed Racer (1/13) Alone in the Dark (2/20)

New videos planned: Black Sheep (3/6) and Blood Diamond (3/20)


5 new videos added:

Friday the 13th 1-4 (2/1), The Ring Two (2/6), Jeepers Creepers 1&2 (1/9), Ninja (2/13), Appleseed (2/16)

Hellraiser Sequels (2/23), Halloween III (2/27)

LETS PLAYS: (videos may contain strong language)

30 new videos added:

RE4 12-17 of 17 , Metroid Prime 6-11 of 11, Dungeon Defenders 1-3 of 3, Let’s Screw Around in Saint’s Row 3, Lollipop Chainsaw 1-4 of 4, Gamecube Pile of Crap: Naruto Clash on Ninja | Universal Studios | Marvel Nemesis | Batallion Wars | Zatch Bell | Dead to Rights P 1 of 2, MGS 3: Snake Eater 1-3 of 6+, The Unfinished Arachnaphobe
Videos Planned: MGS on Tues/Thurs, Dead to Rights P2/2 (2/22), Sneak King (3/1) Yugioh (3/2), NBA Jam (3/8 through 3/11)


0 new videos added: 😦

1 New video(s) planned for February: Coming 2/25


1 new video added: several cute cats HD.wav (1/19)

New videos planned for February/March: Jim is Bentley (3/4)


0 new video added: 😦


FamousQuest Update (58-134)

Posted in famousquest,Video by jamesdanielfluker on December 5, 2012

Well, so much for monthly. Three times the LPs and 1.5 times as many videos as before! Here’s an update on what went up in the last 2 months and what’s going up for the rest of the year!


3 new videos added: Wickerman (10/31), Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (11/7), and Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (12/4)

New videos planned for December

LETS PLAYS: (videos may contain strong language)

67 new videos added:

NSMBW 6-12 of 12, RE4 4-11 of 12+, Metroid Prime 1-5 of 6+, Assassin’s Creed III 1-37 of 37, Mario Party 2 Bowser’s Board 1-3 of 3, Starfox Assault 1-5 of 5,  2 Theatrythym, Let’s Screw Around in AC2,

Tues: RE4, Thurs and Sat: Metroid Prime until completion.

Filler videos Tokyo Jungle 1-3, Let’s Screw Around in Saint’s Row 3

New series starting in January.


0 new video added: 😦

New video(s) planned for December.


6 new videos added: A High Person’s Letter (10/7), 5 Good Horror Movies You Haven’t Seen(10/16), The Secret to MLP Blind Bags (10/19), Dogsitting (11/7), Opening a Pack of MLP and Pokemon (11/17), The Softest Blanket Ever (11/18)

New videos planned for December.


0 new video added: 😦

New video(s) planned for December.

FamousQuest Update (Vids 32-57)

Posted in Uncategorized by jamesdanielfluker on October 2, 2012

Yay, I’m actually doing this monthly. This month was mostly LPs, as other videos were on the back burner since Jim and I couldn’t meet up. Here’s what went up in the last month, and what’s on the horizon!


1 new video added: Birdemic: Shock and Terror 9/9

New video planned for October.

LETS PLAYS: (videos may contain strong language)

21 new videos added: 2 Theatrhythm, Luigi’s Mansion 3-8 of 8, NSMBW 1-5 of 12, Super Marios Wars 1-2 of 2, Resident Evil 6 Demo 1-3 of 3, Resident Evil 4 1-3 of 4+

COMING SOON: Let’s Screw Around in Assassin’s Creed II (10/3)

Tues, Thurs and Sats in October: NSMBW 6-12, more RE4


1 new video added: Quesafillas (9/5)


1 new video added: It Can Wait: Don’t Text and Drive (9/19)

COMING SOON: A High Person’s Letter (10/7)


Episode 2– (9/12)

Stepping In (A Short Story) [Work in Progress V1]

Posted in Uncategorized by jamesdanielfluker on September 17, 2012

The following is a work in progress short story. It is copyright 2012 of James Daniel Fluker. All rights reserved. No part, written or otherwise, may be used or transmitted in any form without the express written permission of the author.


When Dave stepped in, he did not know yet what had happened. He was taking off his shoes in the entry hall, and the bend to the rest of the house prevented him from seeing the living room where it happened. His socked feet pitter-patter’d against the wooden paneling laid out before him.

When he made the turn, he first sensed that something was wrong. The door was askew, not quite naturally open or closed. That piqued his interest enough to make him advance quicker to look at it. And so that was how he saw that the hinges were damaged.

“Hello?” he called lightly, opening the door slowly. The room was darkened, the lights out and the curtains drawn. But besides the meager light of the doorway he had just opened, there was one other light source.

He approached it as a moth to a flame, not knowing why he wanted closer just flittering forward regardless. What was it? It was some hole, some tear in one of the curtains that was letting the beam in.

It was a bullet hole.

Upon this sudden identification, hitting him like it shouted its name, he tore the curtain across, partially ripping it from its rails. The room entered illumination and revealed its true nature. No longer was it the room of his memory; it was a place of a silence now.

The beige flooring, so beautiful when she had picked it out, was ugly and stained now with something hideously crimson. It stemmed from her, and not from the ruby dress she had been waiting for him in.

FamousQuest Update (Videos 9-31)

Posted in famousquest,Video by jamesdanielfluker on September 4, 2012

Been a while since the last blog post, my bad! I’ll try to do a wrap-up once a month now, but we’ll see.

First off, started a few new series, the first of which is


3 new videos added: Drive Angry (7/1), Ice Spiders (7/15), and Thankskilling(8/12)

Coming soon: “Birdemic: Shock and Terror” coming Sunday 9/9!

LETS PLAYS: (videos may contain strong language)

14 new videos added: 2 Theatrhythm videos, 8 Limbo (complete), Altered Beast and Megaman X (one shots), and Luigis Mansion 1-2 of 8

Coming every Tues, Thurs, Sat: Luigi 3-8, then NSMBW…


3 new videos added: Trivia Torture (7/25), Tidbits & Global Warming (8/9), Now You’re Just Some Taco I Used to Know (8/22)

Coming soon: Quesafillas (9/5)


3 new videos added: Friendship is Magical (8/14), Hunger Games (8/19), Uno (9/2)


and we are seriously continuing the Canon series! Don’t believe us? Well, part 2 is going up next week, 9/12!!!

“The Nymph” now available!

Posted in Nymph,writing by jamesdanielfluker on June 28, 2012

He leaped over a gap in the jag and turned back to reach his hand out for her to follow. A boulder smashed down where she was, causing him to jolt, but she emerged from the shards standing there as she always did, unharmed. “Because I’m not really here, after all,” she said and then disappeared. The jag path he had been following had become a lone platform now, leaving him alone and isolated as the world’s light flickered and died out. “I know that. It’s why I have nothing…nothing left in my dreams. Ever. Not anymore.”


Two years after the events of The Elf, Evan is still searching for Cifi, and the meanings to the dreams they shared. His quest will take him across the country in a last attempt to choose the life that he wants and follow his heart.

Paperback $14.99 plus s&h

e-book $4.99

FamousQuest Update (Vids 4-8)

Posted in famousquest,Video by jamesdanielfluker on June 28, 2012

Things continue to go swimmingly on my new video series the last 2 weeks.

5 new videos are up, 4 of them in the general “Shenanigans” playlist as well as the first episode of the canon series “Trail to Famous.” The latter is the storytelling-focused series where Jim and I will tell “our story” in a more scripted and controlled environment than other videos. I hope to have one of these a month, but it’ll depend on our availability, of course.

As it stands, I’ll continue to have 2 videos a week through at least July 9th (and hoping to be able to film more before then to maintain this.)



7/1 FamousQuest Watches “Drive Angry” (Shenanigans?)

7/4 Up In My Grill (MealMovie, yes finally another one!)


7/9 Beard Must Die (Bonus video)


And as usual, here’s the links





New Series: FamousQuest! (Vids 1-3 up)

Posted in Video by jamesdanielfluker on June 10, 2012

So about two weeks ago, I came up with a new channel idea and Jim and I are working on the concept still, but its about us trying to become famous youtubers (IRL and in the series) by mimicking what others have done with some humorous disasters. In addition, just to keep it going and fun, we’ll be having regular nonsense and fun vids.

First shoot was June 2nd, and we got about 4 videos out of it. Because I wasn’t sure if I was  going to link  that to this, I have now put up the first three already!

So the first videos cover some food-related bets and shenanigans and exploring Zona Rosa. You can see that we’re slowly building our personas in these with our discussion of how we live “in California!”

Vid links are below this text, but I thought I’d discuss the next three videos, which are already shot and in the cue.

Video 4: Skinnydipping Book is kind of the wrap-up of the events filmed on the 2nd, including finding the answer to Vid 1 about Star Wars comic #2. It’ll go up mid-week (prolly Wednesday the 13th.)

I shot vids 5 and 6 away from Jim during the last week, and they cover Work-related shenanigans (there might be werewolves around here) and my roommate getting a new TV. Look for those between now and the 20th or so.

Video 1: Comic Books!

Video 2: Calorie Catastrophe!

Video 3: The Presi-ducers?!

Kickstarter for Nymph!

Posted in kickstarter,Nymph,writing by jamesdanielfluker on May 18, 2012

Editing is at 90% and should be done by this coming week!

I have started the Kickstarter to raise funds for The Nymph in order to showcase it at an Arts Fair in my area.

Please consider supporting this, and you even get cool stuff like the novel if you do so!

It runs for 30 days and the goal is $300. I will update here and on the twitter as I see fit 😉

Thank you for your support.


The Nymph Update 5/17: Finishline!

Posted in kickstarter,Nymph,writing by jamesdanielfluker on May 17, 2012

Apologies for the wait on a formal blog update.

I took  about a month off before I started editing, but we are now in the homestretch.

The Nymph is over 80% edited. Right now, I’m most concerned with a few small things in Act 5.

Two things still need to be completed before Nymph is ready to go out though, which may delay it out of May.

The first being the cover design (how humorous, considering the same happened with Elf.) I’m hoping to download a Photoshop trial and work on it in the next week.

The second being a Kickstarter project I am doing for Nymph and my other work. It has been submitted for evaluation, but I don’t know how long this takes.

So right now I’m tentatively okay with saying Nymph will be available at the end of the month or sometime in June.

I promise to keep you updated on this, and my next project, which I’ll start talking about more next month as well.

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