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And so a new distraction begins…

Posted in Demon Hunters Trilogy,Elf,writing by jamesdanielfluker on December 10, 2009
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I have created this Blog as a means of organizing my thoughts and plans in regards to my writing and film projects while presenting it in a form that people may stay informed, should they so wish. Some might say I have created it on this day in order to procrastinate studying for a test which may or may not be tomorrow, but this cannot be proven.

My current film projects: hopefully going to shoot some reviews and other short videos over the Christmas Break to post over the next month or so and make up for my recent YouTube hiatus. Jim and I are also going to discuss our plans for our summer project. (To be formally announced later.)

My current writing projects: having finished the editing of the omnibus of my trilogy last month, I hope to finish formatting the last bit of it soon to have available to those who want it for Christmas by that time. Cost, numbers of pages, and other info to be announced when its all said and done. My other project, novel no.5, The Elf, is nearing completion. I started writing it for NaNoWriMo and got 42,600 words in by the end of November. I’m now sitting at ~46,000 words with a target of 50-52k and the end of December, for a release in March.

For those who, through FaceBook or otherwise, are reading or want to read my works while they are still in their self-published forms, those available are: Demon-Hunters of the Compass (2006), Demon-Hunters of the Darkness (2007), Demon-Hunters of the Land (2009), Pierre (work-in-progress). The Elf will be added to this list starting in January. Thanks to those who are reading and providing constructive criticism!

Until next time, James-out.


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