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The Players of this Tale (A Prolouge Note)

Posted in Uncategorized by jamesdanielfluker on November 22, 2010
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Miles Godfrey Brightmore-The Uncle

Gregory Slade Brightmore-The Brother

Simon Isia Brightmore-The Nephew

Charlotte Priscilla Brightmore-The Wife

Rose “Cherry” Herring-The Femme Fatale

Andale Gonzalez-The Athlete

Dr. Jonathan C. DeBoucher-The Doctor

Henri Quenell-The Gentleman

Lucille Sirett-The Lady

Herman Gottschalk-The Bodyguard

Marley Lovegood-The Captain

Poe Trumble-The Banker

Jaeger Outridge-The Criminal

Nigel Othen-The Hunter

Trey Fournier-The Cook

Ellery Poirot-The Detective

The rest of this content has been removed by its author on 05/11/11. You can find a list of sites through which where you can purchase and/or read this content here.


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