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New edition of DH Trilogy & Updates!

Posted in Demon Hunters Trilogy,Dull Blades Cut Deepest,Elf,writing by jamesdanielfluker on July 12, 2011

Available today, July 12th 2011 is the new paperback edition of the Demon-Hunters Trilogy.

Totaling 550 pages AND STARTING AT 30% OFF for only ~$20, its the cheapest way to get the three fantasy novels (and might I say, it has a snazzy cover design too.)

To celebrate, the individual novels are 10-20% off, with the hardcover omnibus from last year 15% off. (this new edition is still the cheapest method.)

I am working on both The Elf and Dull Blades Cut Deepest currently.

The Elf will have a second edition this fall, with minor fixes and new content, including a new preview (but for what? DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!) Probably be done by AUGUST or SEPTEMBER.

Dull Blades Cut Deepest is about to undergo some serious editing, targeting an OCTOBER release.

November-End of year–Will start work on Novel number six…what is it? And is it true that I already have plans for number seven as well? Find out in the next update (or soon)!


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