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Nanowrimo Progress Week 3

Posted in Nymph,writing by jamesdanielfluker on November 21, 2011
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As promised, we’ll be updating once a week in November with how progression on The Nymph (2012) is going.

The goal is 50,000 words by the end of the month, which means about 1667 words a day. Let’s see how its going.

We ended the second week at 19,300 words (with a target of 23,333.) Day 15 was a large amount of progress (which didn’t record properly on Nanowrimo at first) about 4,000 words added to the week before. After a day off, I wrote only 500 words, then had two days of progress. Sorry, it’s been a hell of a week what with wrapping a lot of assignments and responsibilities up before Thanksgiving break. By the end of day 19, I was nearly 9,000 words behind (more than 5 days) and I felt the pressure. However, I rose to the challenge and had my best day at the end, with 1,500 on Day 20 (almost quota) and a whopping 5,000!!! on day 21, finishing the week only 5,000 words behind at 30k.

Better still, I’m almost done with Act 3, which has proven to be a very difficult portion of The Nymph to write. Just one more day’s worth and I should be into Act 4, which starts the action that leads to the finale. Once again, thanks for following; we’ll see you at next week’s update!

Day 15- 23,000 words (target: 25,000)


Day 17- 23,500 words (target: 28,333)



Day 20- 25,000 (target: 33,333)

Day 21: 30,000 words (target: 35,000)


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