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Nanowrimo 2011 Over-Final Results

Posted in Nymph,writing by jamesdanielfluker on December 1, 2011
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As promised,  updated about once a week in November with how progression on The Nymph (2012) is going.

The goal was 50,000 words by the end of the month, which means about 1667 words a day. Let’s see how it finished.

We ended the third week at 30,000 words (with a target of 35,000.) This homestretch proved to be too much for me. Or rather, the other projects and responsibilities as a college student took up the bulk of my time, as well wanting a respite from writing in my meager free time. So Days 22 and 27 I wrote 1k each, and got a decent day out of Day 28 with 2,500, adding only 4,500 to my total to 34,500 words. That puts me at 69% or 2/3 to my goal. Not great but not horrible either. (Last year I only got about 18 or 19k.) Read on past the days for what’s next.

Day 22: +1,000 words (31,000) Target was 36,666.

Days 23-26: NO CHANGE

Day 27: +1,000 words (32,000) Target was 45,000.

Day 28: +2,500 words (34,500) Target was 46,666.)

Days 29 and 30: NO CHANGE

UP NEXT: I will continue working on the first draft of The Nymph, hoping to finish it by year’s end. (Actually, before Christmas, due to being out of town after that.) I plan on taking my time with the editing process, to hopefully release it in the Spring. More updates here, of course, as we go along. Thanks for reading!


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