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The Nymph Update 2/28

Posted in Nymph,writing by jamesdanielfluker on February 28, 2012
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If you’ve been following my Twitter, then you know I’ve been getting back to work on The Nymph, and will soon be releasing it to Beta readers.
Currently, it’s about 90% written and 75% edited (first draft.) Once both those number hit 100, then I will be sending it off to those select few.

Due to their preferences, The Nymph will also be on here for a limited time, on the same conditions as The Elf currently. I plan to put up two parts a week, Thurs/Mon until the whole thing is posted. (One part=an act.)

The plan is to have Beta reading and the next edit done by the end of March, and ultimately have Nymph done by the end of April or early May at the latest.

After this one is completed, I will be (for the most part) taking a break until November. While I have a project already in mind for then, I will be doing only light work for it, as I need a break from writing novels. I am currently looking at writing some short stories or short plays/screenplays in between though. Stay tuned here for details! Thanks for reading.


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