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The Nymph Update 5/17: Finishline!

Posted in kickstarter,Nymph,writing by jamesdanielfluker on May 17, 2012

Apologies for the wait on a formal blog update.

I took  about a month off before I started editing, but we are now in the homestretch.

The Nymph is over 80% edited. Right now, I’m most concerned with a few small things in Act 5.

Two things still need to be completed before Nymph is ready to go out though, which may delay it out of May.

The first being the cover design (how humorous, considering the same happened with Elf.) I’m hoping to download a Photoshop trial and work on it in the next week.

The second being a Kickstarter project I am doing for Nymph and my other work. It has been submitted for evaluation, but I don’t know how long this takes.

So right now I’m tentatively okay with saying Nymph will be available at the end of the month or sometime in June.

I promise to keep you updated on this, and my next project, which I’ll start talking about more next month as well.


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