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New Series: FamousQuest! (Vids 1-3 up)

Posted in Video by jamesdanielfluker on June 10, 2012

So about two weeks ago, I came up with a new channel idea and Jim and I are working on the concept still, but its about us trying to become famous youtubers (IRL and in the series) by mimicking what others have done with some humorous disasters. In addition, just to keep it going and fun, we’ll be having regular nonsense and fun vids.

First shoot was June 2nd, and we got about 4 videos out of it. Because I wasn’t sure if I was  going to link  that to this, I have now put up the first three already!

So the first videos cover some food-related bets and shenanigans and exploring Zona Rosa. You can see that we’re slowly building our personas in these with our discussion of how we live “in California!”

Vid links are below this text, but I thought I’d discuss the next three videos, which are already shot and in the cue.

Video 4: Skinnydipping Book is kind of the wrap-up of the events filmed on the 2nd, including finding the answer to Vid 1 about Star Wars comic #2. It’ll go up mid-week (prolly Wednesday the 13th.)

I shot vids 5 and 6 away from Jim during the last week, and they cover Work-related shenanigans (there might be werewolves around here) and my roommate getting a new TV. Look for those between now and the 20th or so.

Video 1: Comic Books!

Video 2: Calorie Catastrophe!

Video 3: The Presi-ducers?!


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