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FamousQuest Update (Vids 4-8)

Posted in famousquest,Video by jamesdanielfluker on June 28, 2012

Things continue to go swimmingly on my new video series the last 2 weeks.

5 new videos are up, 4 of them in the general “Shenanigans” playlist as well as the first episode of the canon series “Trail to Famous.” The latter is the storytelling-focused series where Jim and I will tell “our story” in a more scripted and controlled environment than other videos. I hope to have one of these a month, but it’ll depend on our availability, of course.

As it stands, I’ll continue to have 2 videos a week through at least July 9th (and hoping to be able to film more before then to maintain this.)



7/1 FamousQuest Watches “Drive Angry” (Shenanigans?)

7/4 Up In My Grill (MealMovie, yes finally another one!)


7/9 Beard Must Die (Bonus video)


And as usual, here’s the links






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