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FamousQuest Update (Videos 9-31)

Posted in famousquest,Video by jamesdanielfluker on September 4, 2012

Been a while since the last blog post, my bad! I’ll try to do a wrap-up once a month now, but we’ll see.

First off, started a few new series, the first of which is


3 new videos added: Drive Angry (7/1), Ice Spiders (7/15), and Thankskilling(8/12)

Coming soon: “Birdemic: Shock and Terror” coming Sunday 9/9!

LETS PLAYS: (videos may contain strong language)

14 new videos added: 2 Theatrhythm videos, 8 Limbo (complete), Altered Beast and Megaman X (one shots), and Luigis Mansion 1-2 of 8

Coming every Tues, Thurs, Sat: Luigi 3-8, then NSMBW…


3 new videos added: Trivia Torture (7/25), Tidbits & Global Warming (8/9), Now You’re Just Some Taco I Used to Know (8/22)

Coming soon: Quesafillas (9/5)


3 new videos added: Friendship is Magical (8/14), Hunger Games (8/19), Uno (9/2)


and we are seriously continuing the Canon series! Don’t believe us? Well, part 2 is going up next week, 9/12!!!


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