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Stepping In (A Short Story) [Work in Progress V1]

Posted in Uncategorized by jamesdanielfluker on September 17, 2012

The following is a work in progress short story. It is copyright 2012 of James Daniel Fluker. All rights reserved. No part, written or otherwise, may be used or transmitted in any form without the express written permission of the author.


When Dave stepped in, he did not know yet what had happened. He was taking off his shoes in the entry hall, and the bend to the rest of the house prevented him from seeing the living room where it happened. His socked feet pitter-patter’d against the wooden paneling laid out before him.

When he made the turn, he first sensed that something was wrong. The door was askew, not quite naturally open or closed. That piqued his interest enough to make him advance quicker to look at it. And so that was how he saw that the hinges were damaged.

“Hello?” he called lightly, opening the door slowly. The room was darkened, the lights out and the curtains drawn. But besides the meager light of the doorway he had just opened, there was one other light source.

He approached it as a moth to a flame, not knowing why he wanted closer just flittering forward regardless. What was it? It was some hole, some tear in one of the curtains that was letting the beam in.

It was a bullet hole.

Upon this sudden identification, hitting him like it shouted its name, he tore the curtain across, partially ripping it from its rails. The room entered illumination and revealed its true nature. No longer was it the room of his memory; it was a place of a silence now.

The beige flooring, so beautiful when she had picked it out, was ugly and stained now with something hideously crimson. It stemmed from her, and not from the ruby dress she had been waiting for him in.


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