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FamousQuest Update (58-134)

Posted in famousquest,Video by jamesdanielfluker on December 5, 2012

Well, so much for monthly. Three times the LPs and 1.5 times as many videos as before! Here’s an update on what went up in the last 2 months and what’s going up for the rest of the year!


3 new videos added: Wickerman (10/31), Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (11/7), and Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (12/4)

New videos planned for December

LETS PLAYS: (videos may contain strong language)

67 new videos added:

NSMBW 6-12 of 12, RE4 4-11 of 12+, Metroid Prime 1-5 of 6+, Assassin’s Creed III 1-37 of 37, Mario Party 2 Bowser’s Board 1-3 of 3, Starfox Assault 1-5 of 5,  2 Theatrythym, Let’s Screw Around in AC2,

Tues: RE4, Thurs and Sat: Metroid Prime until completion.

Filler videos Tokyo Jungle 1-3, Let’s Screw Around in Saint’s Row 3

New series starting in January.


0 new video added: 😦

New video(s) planned for December.


6 new videos added: A High Person’s Letter (10/7), 5 Good Horror Movies You Haven’t Seen(10/16), The Secret to MLP Blind Bags (10/19), Dogsitting (11/7), Opening a Pack of MLP and Pokemon (11/17), The Softest Blanket Ever (11/18)

New videos planned for December.


0 new video added: 😦

New video(s) planned for December.


FamousQuest Update (Videos 9-31)

Posted in famousquest,Video by jamesdanielfluker on September 4, 2012

Been a while since the last blog post, my bad! I’ll try to do a wrap-up once a month now, but we’ll see.

First off, started a few new series, the first of which is


3 new videos added: Drive Angry (7/1), Ice Spiders (7/15), and Thankskilling(8/12)

Coming soon: “Birdemic: Shock and Terror” coming Sunday 9/9!

LETS PLAYS: (videos may contain strong language)

14 new videos added: 2 Theatrhythm videos, 8 Limbo (complete), Altered Beast and Megaman X (one shots), and Luigis Mansion 1-2 of 8

Coming every Tues, Thurs, Sat: Luigi 3-8, then NSMBW…


3 new videos added: Trivia Torture (7/25), Tidbits & Global Warming (8/9), Now You’re Just Some Taco I Used to Know (8/22)

Coming soon: Quesafillas (9/5)


3 new videos added: Friendship is Magical (8/14), Hunger Games (8/19), Uno (9/2)


and we are seriously continuing the Canon series! Don’t believe us? Well, part 2 is going up next week, 9/12!!!

FamousQuest Update (Vids 4-8)

Posted in famousquest,Video by jamesdanielfluker on June 28, 2012

Things continue to go swimmingly on my new video series the last 2 weeks.

5 new videos are up, 4 of them in the general “Shenanigans” playlist as well as the first episode of the canon series “Trail to Famous.” The latter is the storytelling-focused series where Jim and I will tell “our story” in a more scripted and controlled environment than other videos. I hope to have one of these a month, but it’ll depend on our availability, of course.

As it stands, I’ll continue to have 2 videos a week through at least July 9th (and hoping to be able to film more before then to maintain this.)



7/1 FamousQuest Watches “Drive Angry” (Shenanigans?)

7/4 Up In My Grill (MealMovie, yes finally another one!)


7/9 Beard Must Die (Bonus video)


And as usual, here’s the links





New Series: FamousQuest! (Vids 1-3 up)

Posted in Video by jamesdanielfluker on June 10, 2012

So about two weeks ago, I came up with a new channel idea and Jim and I are working on the concept still, but its about us trying to become famous youtubers (IRL and in the series) by mimicking what others have done with some humorous disasters. In addition, just to keep it going and fun, we’ll be having regular nonsense and fun vids.

First shoot was June 2nd, and we got about 4 videos out of it. Because I wasn’t sure if I was  going to link  that to this, I have now put up the first three already!

So the first videos cover some food-related bets and shenanigans and exploring Zona Rosa. You can see that we’re slowly building our personas in these with our discussion of how we live “in California!”

Vid links are below this text, but I thought I’d discuss the next three videos, which are already shot and in the cue.

Video 4: Skinnydipping Book is kind of the wrap-up of the events filmed on the 2nd, including finding the answer to Vid 1 about Star Wars comic #2. It’ll go up mid-week (prolly Wednesday the 13th.)

I shot vids 5 and 6 away from Jim during the last week, and they cover Work-related shenanigans (there might be werewolves around here) and my roommate getting a new TV. Look for those between now and the 20th or so.

Video 1: Comic Books!

Video 2: Calorie Catastrophe!

Video 3: The Presi-ducers?!

Video Projects (Spring 2011)

Posted in Video by jamesdanielfluker on December 10, 2011
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I’d like to link to these two videos that I did for a Broadcasting class last semester.

4:23 p.m. (February)

The first was to make a silent film, with several conditions regarding shots and length. I made mine a sad video about a student visiting a very specific location at a very specific time.

Night of the Living Fluff (April)

The second required writing a script, as well as shooting scenes from different angles in a non-chronological set-up based on a shot list. I made mine a horror movie spoof starring a stuffed animal.

Finally knocked it out

Posted in Video by jamesdanielfluker on January 2, 2010

My first video of 2010 on my youtube (my 121st overall) is a video I’ve been working on since this summer!

The video description tells it best, so I’ll just lazily post that here:

“This has been a work of blood, sweat, and tears for almost six months. Special thanks to SanctusMai (RMMaiden) for her great voicework and to TheRealDrWilder for doing some Shion lines when I wasn’t up to it, and of course to all the abridgers who inspired me. I do pat myself on the back for at least finishing this one, as I was tempted many times to give up. I’d like to continue this and do all 12 episodes, but I think it’s safe to say that even if that happens, it’s going to take me a while. Your support would be a great motivation though. ;)”

Basically, if it gets a lot of views and people really seem to like it, then I’ll do more. Otherwise, I’ll focus on other stuff. It’s all in your hands! *Gasp* But I shiver wondering how long the other 11 episodes would take to abridge. Even if I pumped out 4 a year from now on…I wouldn’t finish till 2012. And we’ll be dead by then. 😛