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Dull Blades Cut Deepest Paperback Now Available!

Posted in Dull Blades Cut Deepest,writing by jamesdanielfluker on October 15, 2011
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It was only fitting to keep with the 6 and 16 theme and release the murder-mystery novel as such.

The digital/ebook version was released here on 10/06/11. Just $4.99!

The paperback was released here on 10/16/11. Just $14.99!

Check out the cover art below.


Dull Blades Ready for 10/6, Next Project Announced!

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Fluker Press is proud to announce that it today finished the final round of editing for its fifth novel, Dull Blades Cut Deepest.

The murder mystery novel follows The Demon-Hunters Trilogy (2006-2009) and The Elf (2010) in being released on paperback through lulu.com, followed by availability in several digital formats including Lulu, Smashwords, and (hopefully) iBookstore.

The novel was first available to the public for a limited time in its first draft as an episodic series published here from November of last year to this May. Next month, readers can enjoy a much deeper and polished mystery.

Dull Blades Cut Deepest will be available on October 6th. It is currently 244 pages, prices and final page count will be announced upon release.

Fluker Press is also today announcing it’s sixth project, to be started this November as part of Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month.)

The Nymph is the direct sequel to The Elf and will wrap up the tale of life, love and loss once and for all, currently aiming for a Spring 2012 release.

Stay tuned to here for future updates, announcements and promotions!

Dull Blades Update: On Time and In Time

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Editing is going smoothly, or at least I’m keeping up the clever facade that it is. Today’s work rounded out the decision and implementation of the time period for the upcoming murder-mystery novel written by yours truly.

After much deliberation, I have put the main weekend of the story as December 17-19, 1982.

For those of you who read (part of) the Beta version, you can thus guess when some of the other events occur.


This time period satisfies a number of conditions given by the content/context of the plot. I did fiddle with the years a bit to avoid seeming to reference a certain event in real-world history when referring to a similar event in the plot’s history. Past that, I wanted to avoid contemporary times, which I’ve already done in The Elf (2010) and will likely do again in the future.


Well, it’s nearly there after this revision to version 3, but I want to give it at least one more round of editing to add a few more details, but for now I’m saying October 6th, 2011.


I will be posting a minor updated version of The Elf where it is currently available. It will have a few minor fixes as well as a few pages of previews for upcoming books. This will prolly be this month.

I will be formally announcing the title, as well as other information about my sixth novel in the next month. Once I wrap up these projects, I can focus on preparing it to start writing in November for NANOWRIMO.

New edition of DH Trilogy & Updates!

Posted in Demon Hunters Trilogy,Dull Blades Cut Deepest,Elf,writing by jamesdanielfluker on July 12, 2011

Available today, July 12th 2011 is the new paperback edition of the Demon-Hunters Trilogy.

Totaling 550 pages AND STARTING AT 30% OFF for only ~$20, its the cheapest way to get the three fantasy novels (and might I say, it has a snazzy cover design too.)

To celebrate, the individual novels are 10-20% off, with the hardcover omnibus from last year 15% off. (this new edition is still the cheapest method.)

I am working on both The Elf and Dull Blades Cut Deepest currently.

The Elf will have a second edition this fall, with minor fixes and new content, including a new preview (but for what? DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!) Probably be done by AUGUST or SEPTEMBER.

Dull Blades Cut Deepest is about to undergo some serious editing, targeting an OCTOBER release.

November-End of year–Will start work on Novel number six…what is it? And is it true that I already have plans for number seven as well? Find out in the next update (or soon)!

Where to find the works of JDF

Where to find the literary works of James Daniel Fluker:


Book (Lulu)

e-book (Lulu)

e-book (Smashwords)


Book (Lulu)

e-book (Lulu)

e-book (Smashwords)


Book (Lulu)

e-book (Lulu)

e-book (Smashwords)

Demon-Hunters Omnibus (2010):



THE ELF (2010):


e-book (Lulu)

e-book (Smashwords)



e-book (Smashwords)



Coming to paperback and e-book in Spring 2012

Dull Blades Update 05/06

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Here’s a few updates to those who are reading (thank you.)

Arc 5 will be available for eBook platforms the week of 05/09

Arc 6 will hopefully begin 05/09 and go through 05/16, 05/23, and 5/30. Thank you for your patience during this hiatus.

As we move out of BETA reading, the Arcs will no longer be offered here, as no one will ever buy the book if its available for free here (because so many people are going to buy this book, lol.) Each chapter will be removed and replaced with links on where to find the content (eBook and LuLu when the whole thing is done.)

Arc 1 and 2 will be removed around the week of 05/09

Arc 3 and 4 will be removed around the week of 05/16

Arc 5 will be removed around the week of 05/23

Arc 6 will be removed sometime in June or July, about one month after completion.

Dull Blades Update 12/12

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Regrettably, there will be no new episode of Dull Blades Cut Deepest, the ongoing serialized murder-mystery this week. This is due to the author being in the middle of college Finals.

Episode 4 is scheduled for Tues, 12/21.

Episode 5 (the planned finish of this story arc) is scheduled for Tues, 12/28.

To make up for the lack of a new chapter, here is a few tidbits of the second story arc.


Length: Approx. 4 Episodes

Perspective: Nigel Othen, The Hunter

Release: January 2011


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I am working on a murder mystery tentatively titled “The Dullest Blades Cut Deepest.” As a motivational tool, and to let you all read it and give feedback wherever you usually talk to me, I am going to host it here, with new content every Tuesday. (Hopefully.)

The first story arc is THE SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE CHAPTER, with the first part going up Tuesday, November 23rd.

It is very important to me for you to read this if you have the time and let me know your thoughts. Thanks!